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Welcome to Naruto: Requiem Of Rebirth, as you can see we're just getting started but sit tight and we'll be running up to speed in no time. Very Happy Also, if you have any questions, just visit the Guest Board(not a member), or the FAQ's(members), but remember to read the rules first.

Naruto: Requiem Of Rebirth

A free-to-play Naruto text-based roleplaying site that takes place in an alternate universe. Create your character and help shape the future, whether you keep everything in order or plot mayhem, everyone has a role.
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Hello and welcome to Naruto: Requeim Of Rebirth! We are currently either just getting started, or performing maintenance on the site but we'll be up and running in no time. ^^
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 Dorunezu Clan

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PostSubject: Dorunezu Clan   Dorunezu Clan EmptySun Jan 23, 2011 11:29 am

Name: Dorunezu Clan
Bloodline Ability/Kekkei Genkai: None. The Dorunezu clan do not possess any unique bloodline abilities. Instead, however, they do possess bloodline traits that are passed down from every member born into the Dorunezu clan. These traits should not be confused with actual kekkei genkai, as they are just general characteristic for every member of the clan.
Clan Traits: The Dorunezu clan are known for their immense intelligence and extreme knowledge. They are mentally capable of nearly anything, as their minds have been developed and adapted to be able to handle numerous situations by birth and through experience and training. They're best suited as tacticians, military strategists, and the like because they're extremely good on creating tactics and strategies that would help them win a battle, gain an advantage, overturn the tables in war, combat practice, training, and to accomplish their goals. Some of the members are so clever and crafty that they become tricksters and possess enormous skill in manipulation, deceit, and trickery. Their intelligence and brilliance compliments on their knowledge, as they're able to quickly understand and grasp the basic principles of subjects and jutsu. Learning is something they engage with everyday and they're extremely smart, observant, and analytical that they can figure out some of the general functions and more hidden uses behind techniques quickly, even during the midst of a violent battle. This is because of the astonishing neural network they have, especially the capacity around the brain. Their most notable trait is their massive and instantenous processing speed. Using their senses, the mind is able to process and comprehend the things they sense and the world around them at superhigh rates instantly when it happens, allowing them to use their in-depth knowledge to dive more deeper into their understanding and think up of a plan and act on it at the same instant speed. This gives birth to powerful wits and a great, refined mind. Their minds are well suited for adaption and military combat situations designed for the most greatest strategists and masterminds, being able to take in, understand, and think up and perform a tactic all within a second. This mental trait can allow Dorunezu to escape and bypass sudden tricks and ambushes fairly easily, even at close range. With their deeper understanding, they usually have a complete and more advanced deduction of low-level jutsu. As their mental traits are their most dominate characteristic, their processing speed and instantenous thinking might also, though it is uncommon, augment physical capabilities realted to the neural network such as speed, agility, and reflexes to high levels. However, Dorunezu who don't have this benefit can attain it just through training in speed, agility, and dexterity. If a Dorunezu does attain the benefit, then through training, they can move at very high speeds and make sudden turns while using their mind and reflexes to maintain control and awareness. Few Dorunezu can also have high natural increases in dexterity, hand speed, and recovery rate, but that is rare. The weakness to their trait is that they are likely to fall prey to sudden double-tricks by opponents as smart and more powerful or smarter than them because of the fast reactions and wits, and the risk, if it be called that, is that they're most likely to turn into criminal masterminds or a target for other nations.
Jutsu: N/A. The Dorunezu clan do not possess any clan jutsu but they commonly use and are quite skilled in the Shunshin no Jutsu.
History: The Dorunezu clan were founded by some of the most legendary masterminds, thieves, and combat tacticians ever known in the Land of Water. About four centuries ago, a group consisted of the world's most intelligent and scientific beings came together to survive a plague that killed off about a third of the world. The head and founder of this group was a man named Zanshin Dorunezu, an extremely brilliant man in the field of tactics and accuracy. Together, they hoped to develop a cure and find resources and defenses to make more while making barricades to prevent the plauge from entering their facility. However, they were abruptly stopped when the plague started to manifest in new ways. Mutation. Those who were recently infected were transformed into mutated, deformed beings, craving for nutrition. Anticipating that one of them will be infected in two days, they quickly packed up, took whatever supplies were needed, and immediately escaped through a tunnel, leaving behind most of their cure prototypes. They inhabited a large cave near a small village. Figuring out that they would not have enough time nor enough people to create enough antidotes, they decided to turn to people that will. Offspring. Some of the group members mated and twelve children were produced. For the first five years of their life, the adults and children became a family. Of course, these children were not your typical baby. At an early age, they were able to unravel technological mysteries, solve puzzles usually designed for teens, and were able to understand complex mathematical problems. Their intelligence surpassed any other baby. They grew up at the village they were born near, in which Zanshin's group had built fortifications to block the spread of the plague and make them invisible. But this could only last for six years. Passing down the name of the Dorunezu, from which these children were named after the head of the original group and because the most intelligent child is the son of Zanshin, to these children, all of them were sent asea to the most successful village in the Land of Water. The children each received prototype cures and the mission to heal the population now depended on them. The son, only known as Nikun Dorunezu, and his brothers and sisters grew up in the village they were sent to. Nothing was heard from or about Zanshin or his group, but it is possible that they either helped the village and fought, the outcome being they lost and died/mutated, won but were lost and died due to injuries, or survived but died due to injuries. Or they could have escaped and fled, the destination being unknown. Fifteen years later, the children now became known as the Dorunezu family. They teamed up with courageous and strong armies as well as some junior scientists in order to combat the disease, which has already killed off half of the world's population. In four short years, the Dorunezu family surpassed the minds of their ancestors and helped perfect the cure. The plague was slowly wiped out and contained, and the majority of those who were infected and mutated were restored. Over the centuries, the Dorunezu family gave birth to descending generations, each inheriting intelligence of their parents. The Dorunezu family grew and the it became the Dorunezu clan a century later. It was one of the first clans to have studied the teachings of Rikudou Sennin and Ninshu, therefore becoming disciples of the original ninja. They helped revolutionize Ninshu into Ninjutsu. And when they learned to control their chakra, they trained for massive boosts in physical abilities. Today, the Dorunezu clan is a family of geniuses and tacticians, alike. All are observant, intelligent, and are rumored to be able to deduce enemy plans and jutsu quickly. Their brilliance and minds made them as feared as clans with bloodlines and possess kekkei genkai, a testament to their dangerous abilities. They are somewhat known for amazing speed and agility as well as reflexes, but that is nothing compared to the refined mentalities that they possess. Dorunezus usually holds knowledge on Kinjutsu and some of the world's most technological and scientific weapons and ideas, and are valuable if captured. The Dorunezu clan stands as one of the most intelligent families in the world.
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Dorunezu Clan
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