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Hello and welcome to Naruto: Requeim Of Rebirth! We are currently either just getting started, or performing maintenance on the site but we'll be up and running in no time. ^^
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 Watari's Equipment

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PostSubject: Watari's Equipment    Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:25 pm

Name: Kiba ~ Fang / Raito ~ Thunderswords
Rank: S
Ability: Kiba is a pair of pike-like swords naturally imbued with lightning, displaying enhanced cutting power in a manner similar to the high-frequency vibrations of lightning-based chakra flow. However, the enhancement is noted as superior to chakra flow, because Kiba is in possession of an absolute tremendous cutting power and is the most powerful electrical-infused sword. They're capable of penetrating through any armor and armored defenses, shields, walls, and barriers alike. They can cut through nearly anything and are extremely dangerous. With swift strikes, Kiba can pierce through the hardest skin and flesh with ease. When Kiba is used by someone who possess and can utilize the Raiton element, its power are increased. Kiba becomes the sharpest swords ever made, sharper than any blade forged. As such, it can pierce through almost all matter and substances and no defense is able to withstand blows from Kiba. Once someone is pierced by Kiba, its electricity will flow into the victim's nervous system, making their muscles contract and immobile or paralyze them.

Kiba has a variety of its own, individual, unique set of Raiton techniques. By forming Ninjutsu techniques through the sword or Kenjutsu, Kiba has access to a new style of fighting. Kiba is able to conduct natural lightning if the owner holds it towards the skies and channels chakra through it, charging up the swords' attack power. The swords could also be connected at the hilts to form a larger double-bladed sword. The swords are capable of rivaling the most powerful of swords and weapons and cutting through material despite hardness, sharpness, and cutting power. Defenses and barriers are not efficient against Kiba. Also, other Raiton attacks channeled through the sword are increased in power. C-rank Raiton can be increased to B-rank level, though only C-ranks gain a boost in power. Kiba is able to alter the speed of Raiton attacks channeled through it but to a certain extent (not towards the speed of Kirin or near it), and manipulate the intensity and heat generation of the Raiton attacks, making them dense enough to make powerful impacts, useful for destroying barricades and buildings.

Kiba has some control over its unique Raiton techniques. Using Kiba, the owner is able to freely manipulate and change the direction and attack path for some techniques. This is true for techniques like Lightning Dragon Tornado, Thunderbolt, and Lightning Dragon Death. Other than control over direction, Kiba can lessen the power of the Lightning Bolt Fang in exchange for speed. By striking from above, the lightning strikes are able to reach speeds near natural lightning (about half of the speed of Kirin) but it inflicts minimum impact, one that would cause severe burns or some major dismemberment of a limb, with the environment staying somewhat intact. The risk in using Kiba is that the individual techniques it possesses can be used against the user and the user has lower than a good chance of dodging it depending on the situation.

Range: 6 feet (naturally)
Description: Kiba (牙; Literally meaning "Fangs") is a set of twin pike-like swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Nicknamed the "Thunderswords" (a.k.a. "Raito"), they are one of the seven blades of Kirigakure's Seven Swordsmen. They have been imbued with lightning, displaying enhanced cutting power in a manner similar to the high-frequency vibrations of lightning-based chakra flow. They are said to be the sharpest swords ever made. They are able to channel Lightning Release techniques and to conduct natural lightning. The swords could also be connected at the hilts to form a larger double-bladed sword. Kiba is in possession of its own Raiton techniques and is able to be used in conjunction with other Raiton techniques as well. Their structure implies that they are dangerous and meant for cutting. This is the sword that Watari trained for as the chosen successor to the Seven Swordsmen who will own the Kiba and achieved ownership over it when he killed the former owner.

Name: Wire/String
Rank: C
Ability: Wire string is a basic ninja equipment used for rappelling, manipulating weapons, or as a method to tie down and restrict the movement of an opponent. The wire is quite strong, able to resist impact and blows from low-sharp metals and can defend from struggles, physical resistance, and tension strength. It is somewhat hard to see and extremely flexible. Watari uses it to grapple and tie onto buildings/structure or objects when he is falling down and suspend him in mid-air. It can be used to pull objects towards him or fling them away from him, and because of that, can control the direction and movement of objects like weaponry. Although he isn't very efficient at it, he can tie and bind opponents in place, while the wire does it work by keeping their will of movement sealed. The wire is very long and it usually comes from one of Watari's fingerless gloves. By pulling on a mechnism or exerting very little chakra to it, the wire will quickly exert from the glove(s) like a web to fulfill its purpose, which is manipulated by Watari.
Range: 40 Feet

Name: Microfilament Wire
Rank: B
Ability: This special microfilament wire is unique to those who specialize in wire-combat weaponry or those with great chakra control who was taught by one. These wire are somewhat easy to see and are extremely flexible, bendable, and very easy to manipulate and control its movements. They are extremely long, longer than that of the average wire to make up for its slimness. It carries all of the possible functions and uses for ordinary wire, but its performance in it and effiency is greatly enhanced. The wire is very strong and extremely resistant. Watari controls the wire as if they were extensions of his own body and so it might seem that he can instantly control and move these wires without moving his body. The wire itself is able to cut through iron, rock, and human flesh with ease. However, it is mostly used to bind opponents and rappel onto things. It is greatly enhanced when Watari channels his Fuhari techniques with it, turning it into monomolecular wire. The two material will retain the other's properties and the outcome will be greater than the Fuhari with ordinary wire. Efficiency and overall length is increased, and the cutting power enables Watari to cut through solid steel and reinforced with no trouble. Their area and length also allows extra capabilities, such as forming mesh shields, binding an opponent completely, and stopping high falls while slicing several buildings regardless of strength. The wire takes shape and form as something like a large, condensed barrier around Watari to a world barrier around the battlefield between Watari and his opponent. The wire either exerts from one glove or from two gloves with the same requirements for doing so. Watari recieved this as a parting present from his sensei who specialized in wire combat.
Range: 25 Meters

Name: Escape Cigar
Rank: C
Ability: The Escape Cigar can be used simply by blowing condensed air while puffing one's cheek into the cigar to trigger a subsituite smoke bomb that covers a large area, allowing Watari to make an escape or to think up of a plan. The smoke bomb blurrs vision long enough for the enemy to be ambushed.
Range: An area of ten meters (in length, width, height)
Description: A cigarette with a small smoke bomb in the middle of it. The smoke seen coming out is really the smoke bomb, confusing anyone who senses it. It is triggered by either the smoke bomb being rapidly shot out of the cigar or the cigar itself exploding into a smoke cloud.

Name: Black Steel Ninjato [x2]
Rank: B
Ability: This Ninjato has immense toughness and endurance. It is made out of a special steel that makes the blade extremely hard and durable, allowing it to be invulnerable to most types of weapons and solid attacks. It's defensive power allows the blade to be resistant to C-rank chakra attacks and can even cut through them. B-ranks or higher though can injure the blade's structure and wide-range attacks will break the blade. Besdies it's hardness, the blade also has high cutting power, allowing Watari to deal fast-paced lethal strikes and overwhelming combination attacks to an opponent and their body. It can cut through most objects and can hold its own against any weapon. Very useful for deflecting projectiles and blades. Corrosion and crushing/smashing has little effect on this kind of sword. It is able to conduct chakra and its properties can be augmented.
Range: Six Feet

General Weaponry:
x55 Kunai (20 are sealed)
x50 Shuriken (20 are sealed)
x20 Senbon
x5 Exploding Tags
x3 Smoke Bombs
x1 Flash Bomb
x1 Summoning Scroll/Tag
x1 Pocket Bingo Book
x2 Soldier Pill
x4 Windmill Shuriken (Sealed)

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PostSubject: Re: Watari's Equipment    Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:21 pm

Bump It!

*Wire Types and Swords Added*
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Watari's Equipment
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