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Welcome to Naruto: Requiem Of Rebirth, as you can see we're just getting started but sit tight and we'll be running up to speed in no time. Very Happy Also, if you have any questions, just visit the Guest Board(not a member), or the FAQ's(members), but remember to read the rules first.

Naruto: Requiem Of Rebirth

A free-to-play Naruto text-based roleplaying site that takes place in an alternate universe. Create your character and help shape the future, whether you keep everything in order or plot mayhem, everyone has a role.
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Hello and welcome to Naruto: Requeim Of Rebirth! We are currently either just getting started, or performing maintenance on the site but we'll be up and running in no time. ^^
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PostSubject: Kenji Nozaki    Kenji Nozaki  EmptyWed Jan 19, 2011 8:20 pm

The Character
Name: Kenji Nozaki
Nickname: N/A
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality:Kenji is a quiet man who almost never smiles, he rarely finds anything amusing and likes to be away from others. In his work he simply likes to kill the target and go home, no matter how much blood he has on his face. He's kind even though he spends most of his time in solitude, he enjoys going out and helping others on their missions or just complete errands, though he never says a word. He has some friends that he'll talk in front of, but even this is a rare occasion.

Due to Kenji's cold emotions, he has no feeling for anyone that he fights, his only goal in mind is the mission. It has once been said that "Kenji would burn down an entire forest just to find his target", some say he's crazy and takes his job too seriously but in actuality, he has a split personality. Kenji's split personality is almost the complete opposite, rude, vulgar, and completely sadistic. Reports from Kenji's squad entails of Kenji slowly skinning a man alive with nothing but a kunai.
Likes:Quiet, peaceful areas. Relaxing in his spare time with some friends.
Dislikes:Constant fighting, abnoxious people, arrogant people.
Family: All Family are deceased.
Background: Genin

As a genin, Kenji was seen as "The prodigy of the Mist", he was feared by everyone below a jounin level, and even the jounins had high respect for him. The reason for this is because Kenji moved into and out of the ninja academy in a little less than a month, normally this would be impossible but, he stayed after with others. However, the others that stayed after class were asking for help, Kenji was asking for additional lessons, every single lesson he recieved, he passed first try, without trouble. Some said Kenji was a natural born Shinobi, "born to lead the mist out of the slums and into higher places", but they were wrong.


Kenji had become a chunin at the early age of 7, the chunin exams were a different experience for him and more of a challenge than simply learning jutsus or tactics. Yet, he still managed to pass them with relative ease, and once again, at the top of his class. Although by this age Kenji began to resent his village, so before leaving, he talked to the Hokage, seeing if it could be arranged for him to live his life out from then on as a Konoha Shinobi. The Hokage agreed on only one condition, he had to get permission from the Mizukage and come back with a signed treaty about the exchange. Documents show that everything went according to plan, but in actuality, Kenji was forced to fake the signature and flee from his village in the middle of the night.


The time of being a Jounin was rough for Kenji, he was promoted to jounin for his acts of saving a young ninja girl from another village, unfortunately, his entire team was killed in the process. Everyone threw rumors around that he had killed them, it was his fault. He had only been jounin for a short time before he recieved a mission, infiltrate the mist and see what they were planning, although he heated his old village, this tore Kenji apart inside. The team reached the village gates, taking out the two gaurds silently, after that they split up into different sectors of the village. When Kenji reached his destination, someone was waiting for him, an old friend of the past, it was all a trap. Akujin Amano, he glared over at Kenji and smiled, before he could react Kenji was sliced down the chest by Akujin's katana. After that, everything went black for Kenji, he woke up several days later in Konoha's hospital, apparently his team had saved him before Akujin was able to kill him.


It wasn't until the age of 15 that Kenji had reached Black Ops, it took several months for him to be finally initiated. He had to dissapear off the grid, fake his death, etc. Finally, he was a black ops member, placed in an elite team, the hokage had stated that "Konoha had been saved several times thanks to this team", Kenji was now scarred down the chest, on his eye, on the neck, and mentally scarred from what he had encounterd. His life, being much more traumatic then others twice as old had shaped him into the man he is today, at the age of 20, he was promoted to the rank of ANBU leader after the passing of the former leader.

The Appearence
Weight:157 lbs
Basic Appearance: Avi.
Clothing:Kenji is usually dressed formally in dress pants and dress shirts, if he isnt then he is in his ANBU uniform. The dress pants and shirts can range from any variety but he usually likes to go with black pants and a white shirt.

The Shinobi
Village: Mist
Rank: Anbu leader
Squad: Leader of a squad.
Weapons:Basic weapons(Kunai, shuriken, wire, paper bombs, etc.) And a set of arm blades.
Strengths:Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Problem solving
Weaknesses: Genjutsu, long ranged combat.

Stats:Sannin and Kage's get 200, ANBU//Ex-ANBU get 110, S-Rank get 100, Special Jounin/Jounin get 80, Chunin get 60, Genin get 40.
Affiliations add to your ranks.
Affiliations/Organizations (Not your village)+30
S-Rank Criminal+30
Leaders/Officers of ANBU+30

Chakra Pool:30

Known jutsu: Jounin and up get 8, Chunin get 6, Genin get 4.
To earn more jutsu, you must learn them thorugh posts and after succeeding your learning, put them up on the jutsu creation, wait for them to be approved, and then add them.

Please convert all jutsu into this form. ^^

1. Name:Wind Release: Pressure Damage
Description:A tornado-like mass is compressed until it has a very high density and is then released. The wind pressure is raised to its highest limit, and once the technique hits the target, the resulting blast sweeps everyone off their feet.

If the technique is used by someone who has mastered wind nature transformation, the blast can hit a vast range, inflicting massive damage on both the target and their surroundings.

This technique can be combined with the Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work, to increase the flame's potency in a great scale, causing a massive firestorm.

Name:Wind Release: Whirlwind Fist
Description:The user delivers a punch that releases a gaint adeptable whirlwind.

Name:Wind Release: Vacuum Wave
Description:The user takes a deep breath and spins while exhaling a large blade of wind so that it covers a wide range around the user. The resulting blast is large enough to slice through multiple targets, causing great or even fatal damage. It is similar to Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere, but it releases one large blade instead of several smaller blasts.

Name:Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves
Description:The user takes a deep breath and exhales several blades of wind at different angles as he moves his head around. Its power can be increased when used in conjunction with extreme suction.

Name: Fire release: Intelligent Hard Work
Description:The user spits out a small fireball that erupts into a giant firestorm after making contact with a surface, causing widespread destruction to the area. Since the flames travel along the ground, and cover such a wide area this is a difficult technique to evade. The effect of this technique can be increased greatly by combining it with a Wind Release technique like Wind Release: Pressure Damage, which is strong enough to evaporate water.

Name:Fire Release:Great Fireball Technique
Description:A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and expelled from the mouth in a massive orb of roaring flame. The scope of the attack is altered by controlling the volume of chakra that is mustered. The released flames will engulf their target, and leave a crater on the ground's surface. The fireball is normally blown through a ring made by the thumb and index finger of the user

Name:Fire Release: Flame Flower
Description:The user jumps in the air and shoots three giant bullets of fire that come down like giant meteors, then erupt into a gyser of flame.

Name:Fire release: Ash Pile Burning
Description:The user spews a stream of Chakra-altered gun-powdered ash from their mouth, which surrounds the region. As the gunpowder is composed entirely of ash, it stays in the air around the victim like a cloud. After surrounding the enemy with the ash, the user can ignite it with a flint placed on their teeth beforehand to create a spark, resulting in a violent explosion, burning the enemy. However, this technique requires keen senses to read the air currents, the insight to read the movements of the enemy, the tactical experience to not also enfold one's allies in the flames, and careful attention for the timing of the ignition.

Bloodline: N/A

Element: Fire, Wind.

RP Sample: Bite me ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Kenji Nozaki    Kenji Nozaki  EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 5:13 pm

Sir, where the flack is your Rp sample? Kidding...>.> Anyways, nothing seems OP and is pretty basic, Character Approved.
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