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Welcome to Naruto: Requiem Of Rebirth, as you can see we're just getting started but sit tight and we'll be running up to speed in no time. Very Happy Also, if you have any questions, just visit the Guest Board(not a member), or the FAQ's(members), but remember to read the rules first.

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A free-to-play Naruto text-based roleplaying site that takes place in an alternate universe. Create your character and help shape the future, whether you keep everything in order or plot mayhem, everyone has a role.
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Hello and welcome to Naruto: Requeim Of Rebirth! We are currently either just getting started, or performing maintenance on the site but we'll be up and running in no time. ^^
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 Banpaia Done

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Naomi Naga

Naomi Naga

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PostSubject: Banpaia Done   Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:38 pm


Kekkei Genkai:Born of Blood: This Kekkei Genkai allows the Banpaia to utilize any technique substituting the elemental effect, or create techniques through molded control with blood. The blood painlessly and without penalty seeps through the body in the area required for the desired effect or technique. In addition, it can combine with elements during techniques or creation. The only chemical form the blood cannot take [Solid, Liquid, Gas] is a Gas unless the Fire Element is applied. However, the blood maintains the ability to partially or fully coagulate in to an extremely hard structure equal to the amount of chakra used at rank, combined with additional features provided in context. With the special blood of the Banpaia, control of their own body is near limitless.

Traits:Blood Cell Regeneration: Due to the nature of the Banpaia's Kekkei Genkai, and the use of blood in their jutsu, their ability to regenerate blood is super-amplified. The body regenerates cells according to the usage of blood. Their body naturally knows when to generate blood cells, so new blood supersedes blood used in techniques. This also quickens the rate at which the body heals nearly doubling the speed of an average healthy human. They maintain the ability to coagulate, uncoagulate, and regulate the speed of flow or prevent coagulation entirely. This also allows them to flush out impurities within the system. In addition, the senses are amplified as the body works much faster in process and flow. Each of the senses is amplified to triple that of a no sensory flaw, health human. However, this means members of the clan who do not compensate are equally amplified during genjutsu.

Jutsu:Will Make in Jutsu Creationo.o

History: Long ago in the land of fire there live a man by the name of micah demigaku he was the very first of the Banpaia or vampire you could say in other words. But the shinobi of the land of fire didn't know of the Banpaia existence till the first ninja war where alot of there allies begun too vanish. Without a trace there body disappeared with the blod drained from there very bones. Even though the hokage was in a panic about the disappearences he knew there was little that could be done. But one night on the hunt Micah ran into a women she was a mere jounin at the time. Her name was Ayake Hisu She was part of the branch of another known clan but that will be save for later. After meeting the beauty they had a family of banpaia which expanded beyond the very world. But those that died left a few too regain the name cause the bloodline must continue even through death....

Members: Naomi Naga and Four Others But permission is needed by naomi
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Kenji Nozaki

Kenji Nozaki

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PostSubject: Re: Banpaia Done   Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:55 pm


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Banpaia Done
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