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Hello and welcome to Naruto: Requeim Of Rebirth! We are currently either just getting started, or performing maintenance on the site but we'll be up and running in no time. ^^
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The Character
Name: Watari Dorunezu
Nickname: "The Thunder of Kirigakure", "Kirigakure's Lightning Reaper", "Death" [As ANBU]
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Watari is a patient, calm, and collective individual. He is somewhat loyal to his village and comrades, but he places his own goals before himself. A man of true ambition, Watari always pours his all into whatever he wants to accomplish, working dilligently and hard to get what he wants and meet his goals. He is willing to betray, trick, and manipulate his friends, allies, and village in order to get what he wants, pursuring his dreams to the end, which supports Watari's undeniable determination and will. He is an extremely smart intellectual but he is rather secretive about it and pretends to be a bothersome, senile elderly-like man sometimes. When his village calls for his help, he is an understanding person and places his opinions and methods to ensure a good result. He is not an open person and is a bit mysterious, always aware and on his guard and never letting anyone know more about his past or thoughts other than those he has or can say. Watari uses tactical thinking and strategy planning to accurately think ahead and quickly use tactics during the middle of a battle. He is a very calm and neutral man, rarely panicking and maintaining his composture even when the opponent's violent attack is right in front of his face. This might be due to his intelligence, which keeps him to always hold a strategy in hand. Watari is the kind of person who looks down on people, especially on those who are stronger or more gifted than him. He has internal feelings as an inferior and whenever he ascends higher, he refuses to allow people to remind themselves as the person he once was. Watari is a fearless and a rather strong-willed man, plus he is able to obediently follow instructions from the one he recognizes as his commander.

Watari is so involved and drowned by the chaos and luxury of battle that he is nearly sadistic when it comes to almost killing the opponent. He loves battle no matter how strong his opponent is. Even so, he does realize his weaknesses and knows when to give up. Against cowards and more boring opponents, he has a merciless and cold opposition to them, attempting to kill them without any sign of remorse and is able to kill in cold blood without the slightest hesitation as he is known for keeping only ties with allies. He is able to cut ties anytime he wishes in order to further his own goals. Upon becoming a Seven Swordsmen, his arrogant trait has diminished and but he no longer has a strict relationship with his village. He has even thought about running away or betraying them by becoming a spy, but has yet to do so because even though he is a calculating warrior, he believes in the innocence and right to live for the fair civilians and puts them out of harm's way unless it cannot be done. Watari hates aging as he fears that for his body to age, he will become useless, weak, and unable to defend himself or fully live up to his nickname as Kirigakure's "Lightning Reaper." Therefore, he searches for the opportunity of immortality or agelessness but would study it first before rushing the trait into him. His ferocity in battle is ferociously massive and he battles on and on. He also smokes on certain occasions. Serene, observant, collective, and a hatred for aging are all traits that describe Watari Dorunezu.

Watching and hearing thunderstorms
Utter Annihilation and Battling
Watching Puppet Shows
Extremely strong enemies
Eating Sweets

Old Age (Self Aging)
Being useless
People who look down on him

Family: Father: Walter Dorunezu, Mother: Sumuya Yumiko, Elder Brother: Rosatsu Dorunezu, Younger Brother: Sangetsu Dorunezu, Elder Sister: Aki Dorunezu. Only the mother, younger brother, and elder sister are alive.

The Appearence
Height: 141 lbs
Weight: 6"7
Basic Appearance: Watari Dorunezu  TheDawn
Clothing: Watari wears a soft yet very durable purple, linen neck-shirt with white stripes. The material is very soft and tailored but very strong. On top of that, he wears a strong, black body vest. This vest is similiar to those worn by ANBU and is designed to withstand powerful impacts and bullet-like projectiles. With this equipped, Watari can withstand most bodily harm. The vest is extremely durable and strong but it does not restrict Watari's movements. He wields black gloves, which is mostly fingerless, with small steel rings, probably so Watari can inflict more forceful blows. These black gloves have a mechnism and pockets that allows Watari to store small or flexible material. His wires/strings are usually stored within here and can easily have them come out for combat. Watari wields pure silver wristbands. He wears light, black, leggings with pockets. He has a black, concealed belt that blends in with Watari's leggings and so are hard to see, even if your eyes are an inch away from it. The belt is able to hold many things, such as ninja pouches or small equipment. Attached to the belt is what seems to be brown belt straps, probably to strangle his enemies and silver necklaces. He wears either black, pocket boots or black sandals. It is uncommon, but not never, for Watari to wear a formal Kirigakure uniform or his former ANBU vest and mask with his outfit.

The Shinobi
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Sannin/S-rank
Squad: Jounin Squad 11, Seven Swordsmen of the Mist
Affiliation: Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Mist
x55 Kunai (20 are sealed)
x50 Shuriken (20 are sealed)
x20 Senbon
x40 Feet of Wire
x5 Exploding Tags
x3 Smoke Bombs
x1 Flash Bomb
x1 Summoning Scroll/Tag
x1 Pocket Bingo Book
x2 Soldier Pill
x4 Windmill Shuriken (Sealed)
x1 Kiba

Strengths: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu (High Speed, Reflexes, and Agility), Intelligence/Strategics.
Weaknesses: Medical Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Resisting Poison.

Affiliations/Organizations (Not your village)+30

Strength: 20
Speed: 50
Chakra Pool: 40
Intellect: 50
ninjutsu: 45
Taijutsu: 20
Genjutsu: 5

Known jutsu:


Name: Lightning Bolt Fang
Rank: A
Element: Lightning
Description: Ikadzuchi no Kiba is a Ninjutsu technique used by Watari Dorunezu. By drawing together his twin swords, Watari can send an electrical essence into the clouds, allowing him to activate and create lightning strikes in any desired location, crashing down towards Watari's target. The electrical attacks are partly composed of natural lightning as it mixes in with a small amount of the electricity within the clouds, and from a high altitude, speed and force builds up. As such, upon collision, the attacks inflict mighty force, capable of crushing a large area of rock and smothering it. The attacks are fast but are only near the speed of sound. Watari can keep this technique active for up to five posts and for each post, he can use up to three of these lightning attacks.


Name: Lightning Bolt Feast
Rank: B
Element: Lightning
Description: Raisou (Lightning Burial): Ikadzuchi no Utage is a Ninjutsu technique used by Watari Dorunezu. Drawing together his dual short swords, electrical energy will begin to crackle. He will then implant his swords into the ground to send an electric current racing through the earth. The current will cut through the ground and encompass a wide area. When the current approaches its target, it can split into multiple tendrils to attack each target individually.


Name: Lightning Dragon Tornado
Rank: A
Element: Lightning
Description: Rairyuu no Tatsumaki is a Ninjutsu technique used by Watari Dorunezu. Drawing his two swords together, Watari will raise them into the air and draw lightning down upon his body. The current will be contained within and around Watari's form. He will then begin to spin in place forming a whirling vortex of wind and electricity. The vortex will take on the form of a dragon's head and will cover the area in front of him. It will then strike out against his opponent and painfully trap them in the vortex. Even if the attack doesn't directly connect with his foe, the lightning can jump from the vortex to hit a nearby target, painfully electrocuting and paralyzing them for four posts. The dragon's movements are controlled by Watari. Once trapped, they will be completely immobolized and ripped to shreds by the electrified, intense winds.

Name: Thunderbolt Flash
Rank: C ~ S
Element: Lightning
Description: Rakurai Senkou is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Raiton element developed by Watari Dorunezu. Referred simply as "Rakurai", Watari molds Raiton chakra in his palm into the shape of an electric bolt. The length of the bolt is propotional to the amount of chakra used but can be controlled. The bolt is powerful and the density of this lightning bolt varies by color from blue to yellow with yellow being the highest intensity. This bolt can either be thrown or be used to strike at objects by hand like a sword. It can also be combined in a bundle to increase its ferocity and launch combo attacks. The Rakurai can travel short (C), mid (B), and long (A-s) distances. It can pierce through most matter and travel at the same rates as Raiton: Gian. The damage caused by the boly depends on how densed it is and results from moderate to tremendous damage, especially if it hits vital areas. The bolt can breach through most solids and stuns an opponent for two posts... or worse depending on where it hit. When striking with the bolt, aiming it at vital points will cause massive pain and an enormous loss of blood. This technique was originally developed by Watari to rival or cut through other Raiton-based ninjutsu. When a Rakurai connects with a Raiton technique of equivalent rank, both techniques cancel each other out, diminishing each other to nothing but fading sparks. This can also be accomplished if two Rakurai at one rank lower than the intended Raiton technique connects with it. The bolt is pure solid, though it's breakable, and weak against Fuuton techniques of the same level of above. At B-rank level, Rakurai can pierce through solid rock and can penetrate through armored defenses. Depending on its speed and power, it can cut some of the most devastating Raiton attacks.

Watari commonly channels this technique through his Kiba swords, where the attacks are enhanced. Instead of a bolt, Rakurai looks like a blast of an electric current or wave. This gives it a larger attack range and the movements are able to be easily controlled. This allows Watari to turn Rakurai to an offensive and defensive move. The current can still pierce through solid matter but it focuses more on paralyzation and electrocution rather than actual cutting. A channeled Rakurai at Super High density or above is more meant for piercing. A C-rank Rakurai paralyzes the opponent for three posts, a B-A rank paralyzes them for five posts, and a S-rank paralyzes them for six posts.

Density Levels:

1. Normal- C [Blue]
2. High- B [Blue]
3. Very High- A [Blue]
4. Super High- A [Yellow]
5. Extremely High- S [Yellow]


Name: Lightning Dragon: Death
Rank: S
Element: Lightning
Description: Rairyuu no Shikyo is a Ninjutsu technique used by Watari Dorunezu. This is one of the Kiba's most strongest attacks, and one of Watari's most greatest Raiton techniques. By drawing his twin swords together, electrical energy will crackle. He will then place them together in any direction and spin them at high speeds. The combined electricity will crush within each other and mix, while Watari sends a huge amount of electrical chakra to the electrical essence. While spinning, the intense electricity will finally split and take the form of four, large, lightning dragons. These dragons are made of pure lightning and are bright blue in color with red eyes. Their bodies give off electrical sparks. They are extremely large to the point that they're able to almost reach the high clouds and are gigantic enough to be propotional to tall buildings. They are able to travel far distances and can cover a large area. They're deadly and immensely powerful, as contact with the dragon will not only result in fatal electrocution or paralyzation for long periods of time, but the piercing power of the dragons inflict great force and impact upon landing. Direct collision would most likely result in the body being heavily pierced, crushed, and deformed or being cut in half while the near, surrounding environment will be demolished. When the dragons collide with the ground forcefully, the land and all other nearby objects will be crushed. The dragons are easy to control and manipulate so long as Watari has proper chakra control. The movements of the dragons are controlled by Watari and they can bend and make turns, so they do not collide with each other. Collision between the dragons would cancel both dragons out immediately. However, collision between the heads of each dragon would result in a truly enormous explosion of electricity. If Watari is caught within this, he will most likely die or have some of his limbs severed. The dragons will disappear once their intended target(s) are hit or if they forcefully collide with the ground. The dragons are quite fast and combined with their cutting/smashing power, they are very dangerous. The accuracy and lethality of each dragon is dependent on the user. The dragon's structure also functions as a powerful defense. By forming spiraling barriers with their large bodies around him, Watari can surround himself with a difficult wall that repels all physical attacks. A-rank Fuuton techniques or higher are the main ways to overcome this technique. Both an offensive and defensive technique that keeps the pace of the battle at bay, this technique is one of the main reasons as to the nickname of "Death" was given to Watari.

Name: Sword of the Naga
Rank: C ~ A
Element: Water
Description: Ken no Naga is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water element. Either using an existing water source or water molecules from the air, Watari will create an extremely sharp, sturdy, and extendable sword made out of water. The toughness and sharpness of the sword depends on the amount of chakra used to create it. This sword can be wielded like a normal blade and can extinguish most Katon-based techniques. When cutted into a human body, the sword will release some of its moisture within it that will enhance pain, increase bleeding, and severe nerves rapidly. The sword is flexible and manipulatable and can be extended to up to seven meters. When this sword cuts through a vital organ or a full limb (an arm, leg, etc.), half of its water will instantly enter the body and kill off some of the victim's respiratory organs from the inside, cutting off their oxygen supply.


Name: Wind Needles
Rank: C
Element: Wind
Description: Fuhari is a Ninjutsu technique developed by Watari Dorunezu. Fuhari is a Fuuton technique created by Watari out of respect for his sensei who specialized in wire combat. By focusing chakra around his fingers or the entirety of his hand, Watari can emit long, sharp wire-like needles of wind chakra from his hand. These wind needles are very long and are sharp enough to cut through rock and human flesh with no trouble. By moving his hand, he is able to change the direction and manipulate the attack path of the attached needles, allowing him to ward off projectiles and the enemy. The wire-like needles are usually straight and hardened, but by closing his hand into that of a claw, he can make the needles flexible at any time he wants. In doing so, the needles can serve more useful purposes. The needles are able to float and sustain themselves in mid-air as long as they're attached to Watari's hand, which allows them to change the direction of their attack suddenly by Watari's hand movements. There is a way to enhance this technique. By channeling this technique to actual wire/string, the wind chakra will flow through them and also extend to its length if it was all by itself as Fuhari, making the "needles" much longer. With the wind needles enhancing the wire and both objects fused together to retain each other's properties, Watari can easily control the wires and manipulate it. The wires will be able to cut through steel and concrete with much ease, and their speed is also increased. Watari controls the wires as extensions of his own body due to their length and area. The weakness to this technique is that it can be severed by a well-placed, precise attack due the wire.


Name: Summoning Technique
Rank: C
Element: N/A
Description: A powerful jutsu, Ninpo Kuchiyose allows a ninja to summon animals and objects to fight on their behalf. The ninja normally signs a blood contract with the animal species, which allows them to summon different size and skill levels of creature.

Bloodline: N/A

Element: Lightning, Water, Wind

RP Sample:

The cool winds blew across the wide, open field of grass and plants that is known as "Melody's Garden." Located in an abandoned region of Otogakure, "Melody's Garden" is the nation's most beautiful area of greenery. It's natural beauty, fresh breezes and grass, bustling flowers, as well as the overall framework of the landscape was top-notch. It was afternoon, where the skies are beginning to take a gray-blue color and clouds were retreating. There was a big field of grass with a few boulders in various places. Strangely enough, there was no pond, lake, or any river that is near here. For decades, people had been stumped by how the plants are able to survive and how the trees are able to grow so big. Surrounding the field were a huge arch of trees, enough to rival that of a giant forest. One would have to go through this arch to enter this field, otherwise they will be tangled up and be gobbled up by any of the surviving wild animals that have been roaming around. It has become so rare for anyone to find this place nowadays due to the constantly growing trees, which is why it it's abandoned. And other than nature, there wasn't much to "Melody's Garden" and there has been no official document stating the garden's protection or health. Which is why this beautiful scenery is about to become the battle zone of a fierce battle; with the possibility of blood being shed and staining the grass as a scar of the fight. There was no sun, as light cannot shine upon the encounter between these two real threats. There would be real power, real warriors, and most of all; a real battle. The rose scent of this place will be quickly changed once everything begins. And upon this day.... a man dressed in black walked these fields...

The man is fairly tall; above those of his age. He is dressed in a black, sleeveless cloak that covered from neck to ankle. There was a line in the middle of the cloak, suggesting that's where his arms come out from and where his chest area can be shown. Inside the cloak was a green jacket with a red kanji letter that stated "Kirigakure". Revealed beneath that jacket was ninja chainmail that covered a layer of bandages that surrounded the entire thorax region. He had on a black belt with pockets that contained various capsules. He wore rough, tough, black-ninja leggings and that had pockets on them as well. Hidden under the cloak but attached to his hips were two ninja pouches, filled with equipment. Also under the cloak was a rather huge blade that hang from the man's back in the under-layer.He had black boots that does not hinder his movements. With red sleeves beaming out of the arm openings in the jacket, the man had white gloves with black leather bands. The color of the bands concealed the ink that has been written on it that formed completely hidden kanji symbols that represented activatable seals. On his back, there were two, fierce-looking, black Ninjato. He had spiky black hair with a black bandana sitting upon it. Unbeknowst, there were hidden items in there as well. He had red-lens googles that covered his eyes for what seems to be ten years. He was gnawing on a toothpick, with a sinister, wicked, mocking grin that signified the brutal will of the Makojin....

Shikyo Makojin looked around "Melody's Garden" as if he was scanning it. There wasn't much. Which is just the way he wanted. Any obstacles will interfere with the progress of the duel. Shikyo had stumbled upon this place just recently. He had gotten lost during a surveillance mission on Otogakure and miracously entered the unattended garden. It seemed to be able to live without a water source, or at least live without anyone seeing the water source it has been using. It didn't matter to Shikyo, for he kept a geographical memory of this location. Just a week ago, he had entered the Tortoise Village and attacked a village diplomat. After that, he threatened the elders and stated that he will launch an assasult on the village unelss there was somesome strong enough to challenge him in a private match. Three days later, Shikyo recieved a letter while in Kirigakure. Apparently, the Kage of the Toirtoise Village will be the one fighting him in protection of the village. Shikyo did his research and found out what little information he could. Lyn Katsuki, an experienced kunoichi who excelled at Fuuton and Genjutsu. So the first conclusion Shikyo had came to was that his opponent is either a quick one or someone with the ability to multi-task while manipulating or controlling her chakra. But if this be a battle of speed and jutsu, then Shikyo had this handled. He did not come here to play at such a ridiculous level. Fighting a Kage means that things are going to get serious, and lowering one's guard was not an option. Which is why Shikyo has gotten all his things and made the appropriate preparations. He will not ever lower his guard and awareness down at any point of their fight, and he will be cautious and on the lookout for any traps or movement. He planned to take things easy one at a time but if that was not possible, then he will have to stop playing around and use full power early from the beginning. But what could he possibly have to worry? After all, his journey as a shinobi has met many accomplishments individually. He is one of the strongest of the Jounin in Kirigakure, and a hero of the Makojin clan.

Wha' a nice lookin' piece of land we got her' thought Shikyo. I got such lucks to discover this jewel. Shikyo of Kirigakure, Explorer! Shikyo of Makojins, Treasure Hunter! Aye.... there hasn't been much going on lately. I wonder how strong this Kage is going to be. Not like it matters, an instinctual battle starts before an intellectual battle. he pondered. He then sat on a rock with the same, demonic, wide grin he has on his face for several hours. Not a single second did it waver to something neutral or dull. As someone who had complete control over his emotions and expressions, Shikyo's smile has grown more constant to the point that when he sleeps, he dreams while smiling. That way, no one can penetrate his thoughts. Shikyo sighed. How long are yer gonna keep me waiting....

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Childhood/Academy Arc:

Watari is the son of Walter Dorunezu and Sumuya Yumiko, who is also a woman of part Yuki descent. Walter, a village councilmember and an expert on advanced tactics as well as a military unit leader, was described as cruel, cold, and calculating but he is truthfully a responsible man who loves his son darely; even though he dosen't tell him that nor show it. Walter predicted that his son will turn out to be a great shinobi because he believed that his cynical behavoir produced extreme intelligence within his son. Hated for descending from a feared bloodline and being so useless physically to the family, Watari lived through a tough life as he hated by both villagers and relatives. The Mizukage, elder council, and higher-ranked Jounin saw those who have a bloodline descent yet dosen't possess enough genetic inheritances or capability as weapons to be used against their own family. But by the age of five, Watari was showing signs of an intellect greater than any of the intelligent Dorunezu. He had learned about basic military tactics and arts of warfare from his father, he completed some above-age puzzles that no one expected him to solve, he was able to demolish a wooden dummy using fists and a crooked kunai in less than ten minutes, but he was still a naive child. It is because of hatred and the era of warfare that creates Watari's idealogy to revolve around tactics and cautiousness. His childhood made him a close-hearted and mysterious person, as becoming open makes him vulnerable to unexpected attacks. Fear grew deep down in his heart and was hammered so tightly that Watari himself did not even know of this presence, even to his current day. He was afraid of becoming useless, a weak, spineless human, and the most dumbest of the Dorunezu clan. He spended his time reading books around his comprehension and playing with soldier toys in a mini battlefield set, rather than stuffing his nose in the playground and spitting at dolls like the rest of the Kiri children. So it was only natural that at the age of seven, Watari attended Kirigakure's Ninja Academy. During his time in the Academy, he got a headstart on the study of ninja. He was fascinated. A world of "magic" where power is necessary for survival, his Academy Class had not only increased his knowledge of the Shinobi World but also the knowledge of the Civilian World. He fared extraordinary well, having being able to handle and properly throw ninja tools learned how to manipulate chakra at the age of 8. His most interesting focus was History. Geography of Kirigakure, history of the Mizukage and the past wars, history of the Shinobi World and brief summaries of other villages, the Kiri Shinobi Code of Conduct, and its "corrupted" (though they were taught to think of it as "refined) ninja promotion system. Watari was aware of Kirigakure's nickname "The Bloody Mist Village" and how it had gotten it, including the fact that one has to kill a fellow classmate before graduation and that bloodlines in possession of dangerous kekkei genkais were listed to be annihilated immediately. Fear and terror filled the village, but it helped increased its battle will and military strength. He learned about the origin of the Dorujnezu clan and they were borned with high intelligence compared to what usual beings are mentally capable of upon birth. Gifted with intelligence and great processing speed, Watari came from a clan of tacticians and scientists alike. Watari found his talent in manufacturing to be quite useful towards the future. The Dorunezu started to build up his body and had done some above-average physical work in order to balance his physical strength with his mental strength. His physical training proved to be successful, as his body was pretty strong and he no longer worried about being useless, but his fear of it became stronger. His durability and strength were not his greatest aspects of physical traits, though. What was truly amazing was his speed. At the age of nine, Watari cutted off his emotions and had to kill two of his classmates, allowing him to graduate to Genin with outstanding marks on Ninjutsu, Weaponry, and Taijutsu and at the top of the class.

Genin Arc:

Watari developed the Suiton element and learned the Hidden Mist technique as his first elemental jutsu. Arashi soon grew interested in Kenjutsu and learned the way of the sword, which he combined with his collection of Suiton ninjutsu and specialized military equipment to combat other Genin. At the age of eleven, Watari's body was considerably above the average physique of a Genin. While within a group of Genin of simiiar level and a sensei that specialized in the arts of Taijutsu and wire/string-weaponry, he progressed as a Genin. From his sensei, he pushed his muscles and body so that he can move at speeds greater than any Genin of his generation, and combined his intelligence to maintain his awareness, reflexes, and control over it. After his speed training, he trained his agility. He learned more about weapons and learned about the wire battle arts. His sensei specialized in using flexible, superdense, titanium wires and strings of exceptionally long length. These wires are controlled by his sensei's chakra and can be hardened and straightened by it. These are wires that can cut through steel with little trouble and are so long that they're like extensions of his own body, providing defensive and supplementary capabilities such as acting like spider-webs to ssutain himself in mid-air or to grab hold of things and pull them towards him from a far distance. Watari sparred with his master several times while he was using the weapon. His sensei thought that he wanted to inherit such weapons, but Watari really wanted to adapt to such rare situations of battling foes with certain battle specialities such as his sensei and to test out his wonderful reflexes. At the age of twelve, Watari made his first foreign travel: to Konoha in preperation for the Chunin Exams. Watari had a very strict and uptight yet ambitious personality as he had [as it was called] Kirigakure's Bloodmist Ninja Code hammered deeply within him that gave him the need to fight. He rather easily pummeled through every opponent and used basic military tactics to outsmart his watchers, all the way to the final part of the Chunin Exams where he faced a near-death situation against a Hatake and a Sarutobi. He graduated to Chunin rank for exceptional, potential performance.

Chunin Arc/Seven Swordsmen Trainee Arc:
After becoming a Chunin, he gained the respect of his father and mastered several B-rank Suiton techniques. He also refined his mastery over the basic weapons and wire skills so greatly that it did not change even to Watari's current day. This was Watari's final progression with his sensei. He undertook Kenjutsu training for nearly two years and his talent in it was extremely well. Watari's Kenjutsu skills and murderous intent were so great that he recieved notice from the Mizukage who placed him in the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Training Program; where he will learn information equivalent to Konoha's ANBU and might become as as strong as their Team Captains. Along with three other possible successors, he trained under Kouga Raikumiri for the Kiba swords. His logic grew more precise, but it was not enough to rival a successor's in a match of wits that gave the leading successor role to him. Watari was second and in the world of ninja he lived in, second is just another title for "loser." Afraid of being put down, Arashi grew more determined to surpass Kaien and own the Kiba, which was why Watari made some rather creative but efficient methods to defeat his rivals in battle. Through traps and a long period of confusion for the so-called number one successor, Watari defeated him. Most of Watari's innate traits derived from this period. He became a true Kirigakure ninja, loving battle so much that he become so drowned and sadistic in it and had great killing instinct that he is willing to sever emotions and ties to accomplish the task at hand. He charges in head-on, losing his intelligence and awareness to become an overconfident, cocky, and arrogant person. Plus, at age 14, he believed and followed the code of the shinobi and that the mission is top priority. This motivated Watari and it is his goal to "never lose." Later on it will have a traumatic effect on him because by the age of fifteen, the Fourth Shinobi World War began. The whole wide world was a battlefield and allies were enemies. "We must forget all ideas of comradeship between soldiers...... this is a war of annihilation!" the Mizukage once said. In order to survive, they must fight until they die. Watari understood the meaning of war. It was hell, a place for demons and beings alike. But Kiri ninja were raised to be demons and he was a bratty imp himself, and so it felt like home. He was enjoying this, the thrill of triumph and the blood and gore that spilled out of his victims. His intent to battle and sadistic nature could have never been greater. The lust to kill and for combat made up Watari's personality during this war period. A teenager making his first cold-blooded murder. Until he realize that he must fight to end it not to prolong it when someone at home died. Walter Dorunezu died during the war. Not that this was significant to Watari, though he still has some empty soft-hearted feelings and a warm tenderness that made him pay attention to it. He discovered that his father had been protecting him. The Dorunezu elders were aware that the Mizukage wanted to use Watari against the family. If Watari should die, then that problem is immediately erased. But Walter disagreed, and promised to teach his son to think with a Dorunezu, not with a Yuki. Watari began to really train his body and mind considerably. Watari possessed the advanced military ideas as his father and a talent for Kenjutsu, and so in order to not make a waste, Kouga Raikumiri was forced to allow Watari to "borrow" the Kiba. A seal had been secretly added by the elders that filled the weapon with dark chakra, which gave Watarii the needed will and courage to battle again. At the moment Arashi gripped the Kiba, he would be the chosen successor of the weapon. With the help of Kouga, he explored the special sword's abilities and communication link. Regarding to the Kiba, it was an exact pair of pike-like swords. Its design is obviously meant to look dangerous. But he found out that the Kiba was infused with lightning and electrical energy, and that the swords is the most powerful Raiton-infused weapon ever. The cutting power of the Kiba was unbelievably high, and Watari learned to control its power...

At age 14, while he was still a trainee and Chunin, Watari was invited to join Kirigakure's ANBU. They believed that Watari had sufficient skill to become an ANBU Black Op. He accepted it. he was bought into a world of shadows and hidden secrets, where work here was top-secret and had extremely high risk and difficulty. The missions for an ANBU usually involved espionage and assassination. But Watari also gained additional knowledge from the divison he was in. As a Hunter-Nin, Watari learned advanced tracking and hunting methods. He truly specialized as a hunter, as he hunted down and slaughtered more targets than any other Hunter-Nin would have at his age and rookie status. Other than working as an assassin and a hunter, Watari's knowledge and mentality tremendously developed. He learned military secrets, hidden facts about Kirigakure's defense systems and village structure, shinobi information, jutsu information, how to close down any seal, and how to strategize effectively. Although it was dangerous, Watari somewhat made it through but not without injuries. As his ninja potential grew, so did his role in ANBU. With more knowledge and the need for tactical thinking, Watari's immense intelligence was created partly because of ANBU. His hunting and assassination skills had more experience to them and developed to a true shinobi. At age eighteen, Watari moved up to the most experienced ANBU squad out of all in Kirigakure's ANBU organization, one led by the Commander and Head Captain of Kiri's ANBU himself. He earned his codename "Death" while in ANBU and had a very successful life in ANBU.

Jounin Arc/Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Arc:
After learning all of the sword's abilities, Watari was placed into a short-term Jonin Exams. He had to learn high-level Suiton and developed the Raiton element. His Kenjutsu skills were extraordinary as he can cut down a Jounin of average rank while using only his physical body capabilities and swords or Kiba. Ninjutsu and Weaponry were the most concentrated areas, and Watari really exceeded the expectations. Obviously his father had implanted the mind of a military soldier into him. But it was not that, and because one would conclude it as such, they will not be able to see through Watari. The effects of a long journey from discrimination at childhood to the death of his first victim and father had warped Watari's mind to someone being more mature and concrete. No longer did he frequently hold that sadistic and loving battle will, but his kills are created by neutral and cold attempts. His mind was more aware than even a Dorunezu of his level. At age nineteen, Arashi was promoted to a Jounin. Upon becoming a Jounin, he also was able to utilize Kiba. For a chosen successor to wield Kiba, Kiba is the most powerful Raiton-infused sword ever. Now by developing the Raiton element, Watari has access to its elemental techniques and is able to increase Kiba's capabilities to much greater and new heights, making Kiba the most sharpest swords ever. He fought fiercly and by the time he reached 20, the Fourth Ninja World War ended by the agreement of the Kazekage, Hokage, Raikage, and Tsuchikage. The Mizukage opposed this but to prevent an allied attack, he was forced to agree. Mizukage Susanoo was in a foul mood. As a tyrant, he did not allow defeat (Konoha was victorious). He needed someone, someone who he calls "an idiot with enough conviction to kill without reason". One person popped up. Time for a visit to the Dorunezu clan. Watari had killed 465 shinobi during the war. Watari gained advanced knowledge of military action and the systems and military secrets of Kirigakure. Top-secret information was followed by top-secret work, and Watari became a powerful assassin. Watari killed Kouga for ownership over Kiba, and at age 21, became a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He earned his first alias as "Thunder of the Hidden Mist." He was able to utilize Kiba properly and mastered it, including its unique elemental techniques. He frequently battled with other members of the Seven Swordsmen. As one of the Seven Swordsmen, he is not only among Kirigakure's greatest Kenjutsu masters and swordsmen but also one of Kirigakure's most strongest shinobi ever produced. At this stage, Watari really pumped up his raw strength, muscular density, and bodily physique to tremendous levels. He excelled at physial arts and had enormous speed and agility. From a young age to Jounin, he trained his muscles to the body of the fastest speedster. His processing speed, reflexes, reactions, timing, and recovery rate were of particular note, as he was able to dodge some of the fastest projectiles. He possessed immense acrobatic skill and can perform exceptional feats of balance and coordination, though that might be due to his mind. His considerable strength and endurance was surpassed by his immense speed and agility, which allows him to naturally move at high speeds at a faster rate than what a Chunin-level Uchiha with an adept Sharingan can follow. He can run extremely fast and can close distances pretty quickly while retaining reflex and awareness, probably making him quite skilled in the Shunshin Jutsu. His Ninjutsu knowledge, greatly developed chakra levels, excellent chakra control, massive Kenjutsu prowess, and Taijutsu power made Watari one of the most elite and respected ninja in Kirigakure.

Quest For Fame/Sannin/Way of the Assassin Arc:
Personally placed by the Mizukage, Watari joined the "Order of Asssassins", a group of legendary assassins of Kirigakure birth. He was moving up in the Ninja World and is about to evolve to greater heights. While within the group, he learned the "Kyoushu", or Assassin Way. His method of using Suiton Ninjutsu as well as being able to master the element to the point of producing a massive amount on dry land worked well in the Order that he was taught by the masked leader known as "Zero" the Lightning Release Armor technique, a prized jutsu from Kumogakure's Yotsuki clan. At this point, Watari's assassin side and most of his current nature reached its peak. As an Assassin and an ANBU, he engaged in international-scale activites and bounty hunting in exchange for money. He earned his most favorite nickname as the "Lightning Reaper" mainly for his mastery over Raiton and his code title as "Death" reached its peak where he became known only as Death in the other ninja nations. It is said that Watari's genius intellect is the "mind of Death", something Watari has become extremely proud of. On one mission, along with multiple special operations squads, Watari was sent to hunt down and seal the Sanbi. Luckily Kiba allowed him an advantage over any sort of terrain, because the other teams were wiped out due to their stupidity of aiming for the most obvious spot: the tails which is the most heavily guarded. Watari had to face off against this demon as he was responsible for cutting off at least one of its horns in order for the sealing ritual to work. He learned alot about the Bijuu from the few minutes he had spent combating the Sanbi. It's massive volume of living chakra was worlds beyond his, and so it was impossible for them to take it out through force alone..... though they can still seal it. Using the Raiton no Yoroi, Arashi cutted off one of its horns and survived what would be a deathly attack, and became the final piece of a Fuuinjutsu seal formula that will finally seal the Sanbi within a jar. After the success of the capture of the Sanbi, Susanoo decided it was time to declare war on Konoha. But the idea of war was disapproved by many Kiri villagers, including Watari, viewing it as a "one-day cheap comedy." So with the help of a Yuki, Watari help challenge Susanoo's authority. Susanoo was a tyrant but he was well known for his power to control the seas and storms with such ease that it wiped out an entire race of beings and their fortresses in just one fell swoop. But Watari's intelligence was way beyond that. Through trickery, Watari was able to help Ken Rimaru pass through security and seep into the Mizukage's room, and from there, Ken killed Susanoo and became the new Mizukage, with supposedly a new plan to reinvent Kirigakure. Watari had enough military expierence, intelligence, and combat power to surpass Mizukage Susanoo, but he required Ken because he was someone who can sustain Kirigakure's health after the death of the Mizukage. At age 22, Watari saw that he had ventured to deeply into ANBU and is now in the village's grasp. Afraid that he will be overruned, corrupted into a freak, and become forgotten because of living in the shadows, he retired from the ANBU Black Ops, but still maintained strong relationships with it and some of its members. He also left the Assassin order. Watari's quest for fame was not over, because, with a one to three-man unit, he became one of the few who defeated and killed the legendary ninja Habuto Ojike, a shinobi famed for his unsurpassed Taijutsu prowess and enormous chakra control. He, along with his teammates, became known as the "Sannin" at age 23. He attained worldwide fame, and soon the term "Sannin" referred to Kirigakure would include "Watari", though he is still only known as Death in some parts. As a Jounin with Kage-level power and a famed status, he is among one of Kirigakure's most gifted shinobi in history. He takes some honor in his Sannin title. He is currently trying to gather as much pride within his name and aliases as he can and is learning and mastering a variety of new jutsu.

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